Carrollwood Village Phase III Homeowners Association, Inc.
    Board Candidate Application

    Please fill out the Application form completely.

    1). What are your specific areas of interest in Carrollwood Village?

    2). Do you have experience leading people, or leading a community or volunteer project? Please briefly outline the experience. Current Board members list anything you have worked on in the past 3 years.

    3). What do you think requires immediate attention within Carrollwood Village Phase 3?

    4). Describe a potential project to enhance Carrollwood Village Phase 3. How would this project benefit the residents? How would you get other homeowners involved?

    5). If there were no budget or time limits, what one thing within Carrollwood Village/Carrollwood Village Phase 3 would you like to change?

    6). Are you willing to make a commitment to serve for a 3 year term?

    Please use the space below to type a short Bio of your education and work experience.