Discover Carrollwood Village Park: A Jewel of Community Recreation


Nestled within the picturesque environs of Carrollwood Village, Carrollwood Village Park stands as a testament to the community's commitment to fostering an active, vibrant, and inclusive living environment. As part of the esteemed $10 million project to transform the former Dale Mabry Wastewater Treatment Plant into a flourishing community park, Carrollwood Village Park emerges as a haven for recreation, relaxation, and communal bonding. Overseen by Hillsborough County, this exceptional park embraces an array of amenities and activities, catering to the varied interests of its 1 million+ annual visitors.

A true gem within Carrollwood Village, the park offers a diverse range of amenities that captivate individuals of all ages and interests. From the exhilarating skatepark and engaging dog park to the lively playground and refreshing splash pad, Carrollwood Village Park provides a mosaic of experiences that cater to the entire family. The park's ability to offer a multitude of activities, from fitness classes to fishing competitions, serves as a testament to its role as a dynamic communal space that fosters a strong sense of community spirit, leisure, and physical well-being.

The immense value that Carrollwood Village Park brings to the homeowners and residents of Carrollwood Village lies in its ability to serve as a central gathering place, a venue for personal and communal growth, and a thriving hub of recreational opportunity. Through its diverse array of amenities and engaging activities, the park contributes to creating shared memories, fostering connections, and promoting healthy, active lifestyles within the community. Carrollwood Village Park stands as an embodiment of the community's dedication to providing a vibrant living experience, offering a versatile and enriching environment that amplifies the quality of life and communal pride within Carrollwood Village.